This is the first complete revision of the CONSER Cataloging Manual since its initial publication in 1993.  The revision of AACR2 Chapter 12 and other changes related to seriality were the impetus for the revision.  Many of the changes to the code, however, reflect current CONSER practices and while modules 2 (What is a Serial?) and 16 (Changes that May Require a New Record) have been significantly revised, other modules have required more modest revisions.  New and revised LC Rule Interpretations (LCRI) are also reflected.  In other cases, changes reflect a change in practice not necessarily associated with the rule revisions.  But catalogers will find that much of the text and most of the examples are very familiar.

The initial revision was accomplished by Library of Congress catalogers and staff:  Carroll Nelson Davis, Steve Folsom, Les Hawkins, Judy Kuhagen, Jeffrey Myers-Hayer, Esther Simpson, and myself.  Four CONSER/SCCTP catalogers reviewed the drafts and provided comments and additional examples:  Carol Baker (University of Calgary), Renette Davis (University of Chicago), Sue Fuller (University of Texas, Austin), and Kevin Randall (Northwestern University).  I particularly want to thank Judy Kuhagen for performing the final review of much of this document.

Those using the print version of the CCM will notice a difference in its appearance.  The document has been reformatted in order to meet the needs of the Catalogers’ Desktop and to be more consistent with other documents on the Desktop.

A document of this size is never perfect!  The CCM is updated at least once a year as an integrating resource and your comments are most welcome.


Jean Hirons

CONSER Coordinator

Library of Congress

July 2002

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