X00 Subfield $c - Titles and other words associated with a name:

Subfield $c contains titles and other words associated with a name.  These include qualifying information such as:

titles designating rank, office, or nobility, e.g., Sir

terms of address, e.g., Mrs.

initials of an academic degree or denoting membership in an organization, e.g., F.L.A.

a roman numeral used with a surname

other words or phrases associated with the name, e.g., clockmaker, Saint

If the entry element is a surname followed directly by a prefix without intervening forenames or forename initials, the prefix is contained in subfield $c to prevent its being treated as a forename in searching and sorting processes.


400  1#  $aSanctis,$cDe

Multiple adjacent titles or words associated with a name are contained in a single subfield $c.  Subfield $c is repeated only when words associated with a name are separated by subelements contained in other subfields.


100  1#  $aSalisbury, James Cecil,$cEarl of,$dd. 1683

100  0#  $aNorodom Sihanouk Varman,$cKing of Cambodia,$d1922-

100  0#  $aCuthbert,$cFather, O.S.F.C.,$d1866-1939

100  0#  $aThomas,$cAquinas, Saint,$d1225?-1274

100  0#  $aThomas$c(Anglo-Norman poet).$tRoman de Tristan.$lEnglish

100  1#  $aSaur, Karl-Otto,$cJr.

100  1#  $aAppleton, Victor,$cII

100  0#  $aMargaret,$cQueen, consort of James IV, King of Scotland,$d1489-1541

100  0#  $aAugustine,$cSaint, Bishop of Hippo

100  0#  $aBlack Foot,$cChief,$dd. 1877$c(Spirit)

[Subfield $c is repeated due to intervening subelements.]

400  0#  $aHausbuch,$cMeister des,$d15th cent.

400  0#  $aAmsterdam Cabinet,$cMaster of the,$d15th cent.

400  1#  $aWeiss, Judah Areyh,$cha-Levi

400  1#  $aL'Epée,$cabbé de$q(Charles-Michel),$d1712-1789

400  3#  $aKonbaung dynasty,$cBurma,$d1752-1885

100  1#  $aMassena, André,$cprince d'Essling,$d1758-1817

400  1#  $aE.,$cP. d',$d1758-1817

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