TLC Authorities Z39.50 Settings

The following Z39.50 attribute settings should be used to search TLC Authorities, which contains authority records for Library of Congress Names and Subjects, Sears Subject Headings, and Medical Subject Headings (MeSH).

     NOTE: If you are searching for bibliographic records, see the separate Z39.50 settings for ITS.MARC Bibliographic.

If you have a subscription or trial access to TLC Authorities, you are entitled to search, browse, and download records from any of the databases listed. Please enter your user ID, password, database name, Internet address and port, and search attributes in accordance with your Z39.50 client software documentation.

Internet address:

Port: 5666

Databases: Enter the Database name as indicated below for the database of interest. Database names have no spaces.


Database Name


LC Names and Subjects (combined file)



Sears Subject Headings



Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)


Search Attribute Settings

For the USE attribute, use one of the following settings:

Search type No. Z39.50 Description
Subject 21 Any subject heading
Author (Name heading) 1002 Any personal, corporate, or meeting name
Uniform Title 6 Title Uniform
LCCN 9 LC Control No.
Control No. Not supported (use LCCN for LC authorities)
Dewey 13 Dewey Classification
LC Class 16 LC Call Number
Other Classification 20 Local Classification
Personal Name 1 Personal Name

Corporate Name 2 Corporate Name
Meeting Name 3 Conference Name
Note 63 Note
Series Uniform Title 6 Title Uniform
Subject Subdivision 47 Subject Subdivision (includes topical, chronological, geographic)
Genre Form 1075 Subject Genre / Form
Geographic heading 1076 Subject Name Geographical
Chronological 1077 Chronological heading
Topical Heading 1079 Subject Topical


Search Strategies

For supported search types, attribute settings are supported for Keyword, Alphabetic, or Browse searches. Use the following attribute combinations:

For Keyword searches (Find records that contain...)

  Attribute No. Suggested Setting Name
Use (See above)
  Structure 2 Word
Relation 3 Equal
Position 3 Any position in field
Truncation 100 Do not truncate
Completeness 1 Incomplete subfield


For Alphabetic searches (Find records that begin with...)

  Attribute No. Suggested Setting Name
  Use (See above)
  Structure 1 Phrase
  Relation 3 Equal
  Position 1

First in field

  Truncation 1

Right truncation

  Completeness 1 Incomplete subfield


To Browse (Find records near ... and permit navigation up and down)

  Attribute No. Suggested Setting Name
  Use (See above)
  Structure 1 Phrase
  Relation 0 Default
  Position 1

First in field

  Truncation 0 Default
  Completeness 0



Library Support

If you have any questions about searching TLC Authorities via Z39.50, please call TLC Support at 800-852-4911. You may also e-mail your questions to or enter a ticket at

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