Field definition and scope:

Field 043 contains geographic area codes (GAC) for geographic areas associated with the community information entity; for instance, the geographic area the program serves or the geographic area where an organization is located.

GACs are recorded in field 043 in order of importance.  The source of the codes in subfield $a is MARC Code List for Geographic Areas that is maintained by the Library of Congress.  The source of a local code in subfield $b is indicated in subfield $2.  The source of codes in subfield $c is ISO 3166, Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions--Part 1: Country codes or Part 2: Country subdivision codes.  Information in textual form about the geographic area served may be contained in field 522 (Geographic Coverage Note).

A more precise identification of geographic areas associated with a record may be contained in field 052 (Geographic Classification) or in field 058 (Other Geographic Classification Code).  Subfield $b may be used for a local expansion of a GAC code.

Field 043 is repeatable.

Guidelines for applying content designators:

For indicator and subfield code definitions and examples, and designator repeatability, see table below:




Field 043

Geographic Area Code






Undefined; contains a blank



Undefined; contains a blank





Subfield code:




Geographic area code



Local GAC code



ISO code



Authority record control number or standard number



Real World Object URI



Source of local code



Field link and sequence number


Input conventions:



Content designator history:

Field 043 - Geographic Area Code  [changed, 2020]:  Field 043 was made repeatable.

Subfield $c - ISO code  [new, 2001]:  Subfield $c was defined to accommodate for ISO 3166-1 country codes.

Subfield $0 - Authority record control number or standard number  [new, 2011]

Subfield $1 - Real World Object URI  [new, 2017]

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