There are 999 possible MARC tags, many of which have been established by the Library of Congress as fields in the various MARC formats.  The following lists each possible tag and, where applicable, its assigned usage in the Authority Data Format.

The Tag List groups the Variable Control Fields and Variable Data Fields.  The Variable Data Fields are subgrouped as follows:

Numbers and Codes


Primary Names

Subject Access Fields

Titles, Addresses

Added Entries

Physical Information, Etc.

Other Variable Fields

Series Statements


Note:  Generally, any field containing a "9" (e.g., 049, 910, etc.) is available for local use, such as local call numbers, holdings, or subject headings. Check with your system vendor for further information.

Leader and Directory:



Variable Control Fields:

001  Control Number  (NR)

003  Control Number Identifier  (NR)

004  Coded Dates Fixed Field  [obsolete]

005  Date and Time of Latest Transaction  (NR)

007  Physical Description Fixed Field  (NR)

008  Fixed-Length Data Element  (NR)

Variable Data Fields:

Numbers and Codes:

010  Library of Congress Control Number  (NR)

016  National Bibliographic Agency Control Number  (R)

035  System Control Number  (R)

040  Record Source  (NR)

041  Language Code  (R)

043  Geographic Area Code  (R)

046  Special Coded Dates  (R)

050  Library of Congress Classification Number  (R)

052  Geographic Classification  (R)

058  Other Geographic Classification Code  [obsolete]

060  National Library of Medicine Classification Number  (R)

066  Character Sets Present  (NR)

070  National Agricultural Library Classification Number  (R)

072  Human Services Code  (R)

073  Type of Program or Organization Code  (R)

080  Universal Decimal Classification Number  (NR)

082  Dewey Decimal Classification Number  (R)

084  Other Classification Number  (R)

09X  Local Classification Numbers

Primary Names:

100  Primary Name - Personal  (NR)

110  Primary Name - Corporate  (NR)

111  Primary Name - Meeting  (NR)

Titles, Addresses:

245  Title  (NR)

246  Varying Form of Title  (R)

247  Former Title  (R)

270  Address  (R)

271  Additional Addresses  [deleted]

275  Address Associated with Title  [deleted]

Physical Information, Etc.:

301  Hours, Etc.  [deleted]

303  Subordinate Entities  (R)

307  Hours, Etc.  (R)

311  Meeting Rooms and Facilities Available  (R)

312  Equipment Available  (R)

Series Statements:

440  Series Title  [obsolete]


500  General Note  (R)

501  Currency of Information Note  (R)

505  Programs Note  (R)

511  Participant or Performer Note  (R)

520  Description Note  (R)

521  Target Group Note  (R)

522  Geographic Coverage Note  (NR)

531  Eligibility, Fees, Procedures Note  (R)

536  Funding Source Note  (R)

545  Biographical or Historical Note  (R)

546  Language Note  (R)

551  Budget Note  (R)

570  Personnel Note  (R)

571  Volunteers Note  (R)

572  Affiliation and Other Relationships Note  (R)

573  Credentials Note  (R)

574  Transportation and Directions Note  (R)

575  Accommodations For the Disabled Note  (R)

576  Services Available Note  (R)

581  Publications Note  (R)

587  Other Information Available Note  (R)

Subject Added Fields:

600  Subject Added Entry - Personal Name  (R)

610  Subject Added Entry - Corporate Name  (R)

611  Subject Added Entry - Meeting Name  (R)

630  Subject Added Entry - Publication Title  (R)

648  Subject Added Entry - Chronological Term  (R)

650  Subject Added Entry - Topical Term  (R)

651  Subject Added Entry - Geographic Name  (R)

653  Index Term - Uncontrolled  (R)

654  Subject Added Entry - Faceted Topical Terms  (R)

656  Index Term - Occupation  (R)

657  Index Term - Function  (R)

658  Index Term - Curriculum Objective  (R)

69X  Local Subject Access Fields

Added Entries:

700  Added Entry - Personal Name  (R)

710  Added Entry - Corporate Name  (R)

711  Added Entry - Meeting Name  (R)

720  Added Entry - Uncontrolled Name  (R)

730  Added Entry - Publication Title  (R)

740  Added Entry - Specific Program Title  (R)

79X  Local Added Entry Fields

Other Variable Fields:

856  Electronic Location and Access  (R)

880  Alternate Graphic Representation  (R)

883  Metadata Provenance  (R)

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