The MARC 21 Format for Classification Data:  Including Guidelines for Content Designation defines the codes and conventions (tags, indicators, subfield codes, and coded values) that identify the data elements in MARC classification records.  This document is intended for the use of personnel involved in the creation and maintenance of classification records, in the publication of classification schemes from machine-readable data, as well as those involved in the design and maintenance of systems for the communication and processing of classification records.

Note:  For information that is common to all five of the MARC formats, see:  MARC 21 Formats.

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General Information

Elements of a MARC Record

Scope of the Classification Data Format

Kinds of Classification Records

Types of Numbers

Classification Number Usage in Bibliographic and Authority Records

Required Classification Data Fields

Components of a MARC Record

Description of Record Parts

Content Designators

Obsolete Content Designators

Multiscript Records  (Alternate Graphics)

Field and Subfield Repeatability

Fill Character and Related Values

Display Constants

Record Content Responsibility  (Responsible Parties Rule)

Record Content Responsibility in Classification Records

Organization of the MARC Format Documents

Organization of the Classification Format Document

Main parts

General Information sections

Components of the detailed descriptions

Typographical Conventions

Standards and Other Documents Related to This Format

Classification Schemes

National and International Standards

MARC Standards and Other Related Publications

Documentation Maintenance

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