Subject Cataloging Manual: Shelflisting, Artists G 330, Background

Use the tables below to subarrange works by and about individual artists throughout the N schedule.

Table N6 (was Table V):

Use Table N6, where indicated in the N schedule, for classes with the form caption Special artists, A-Z.  In such classes, the first Cutter designates the artist, e.g., ND623.L5, Leonardo da Vinci.  The second Cutter is selected from the subarrangement of the table.


Table N7 (was Table VI):

Use Table N7, where indicated in the N schedule, when the first Cutter represents a region or country and the artist is represented by a second Cutter.


Obsolete Table:

The individual artist table listed below was used prior to November 22, 1977.  It is obsolete and is included here only as a point of reference.



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