The geographic area code list is made up of four parts:  Name Sequence, Code Sequence, Places Represented by Single Character Codes, and Changes to the Code List.  Generally, names in the code list match headings established in the Library of Congress name authority file for jurisdictions and the Library of Congress Subject Headings for continents, regions, and geographic features.  Descriptions of the four parts of the code list follow.

Part I.  Name Sequence

In this part, the places are listed alphabetically by the name.  An entry for a place with a unique code gives the name followed by the code in brackets, both in boldface.  Any variant names of the place are listed on successive lines, with the first variant preceded by the symbol UF (used for).  For example:

Guyana  [s-gy]

UF    British Guiana

The entry for a place which does not have a unique code, but is assigned a code for another place, is similar except that the assigned code with its associated place name is given on the lines following the name.  For example:

Austral Islands (French Polynesia)

Assigned code:

[pofp]  French Polynesia

UF    Tubuai Islands (French Polynesia)

The UF names from each of these entries also appear in their alphabetic position in the list as references, but not in boldface.  These references do not give the code; the entry under the name referred to must be consulted to determine the code.  For example:

Tubuai Islands (French Polynesia)

USE  Austral Islands (French Polynesia)

British Guiana

USE  Guyana

Entries may also include a note in italics explaining a change in the use of codes.  For example:

Mayotte  [i-my]

[Coded [i-cq] (Comoros) before Mar. 1988]


[Coded [nwbc] (Barbuda) before Mar. 1988]

Assigned code:

[nwaq]  Antigua and Barbuda

Northwest (U.S.)

[Coded [n-usw] (Northwest (U.S.)) before Mar. 1988]

USE  Northwest, Pacific

Unusual situations may require additional notes.  For example:

Germany (East)  [e-ge]

[For the eastern part of Germany before 1949 or after 1990 and for the German Democratic Republic between 1949-1990]

UF    Democratic German Republic

East Germany

German Democratic Republic

Germany, Eastern

See the section Changes in the Codes for more information about these notes.

Part II.  Code Sequence

In this part, the places and their codes are listed alphabetically by the code.  Only the code and the name of the place are given in this part.  Tracings or references for variant forms of the place names are not included.  For example:




French Polynesia



Discontinued codes are also listed in this part in their alphabetical sequence.  They are identified by a hyphen preceding the code.  For example:


Gilbert and Ellice Islands



Places which are assigned the code for another place, rather than a unique code, are not included in the code sequence part.  Thus, the place Austral Islands which is assigned the code pofp does not appear in this part of the list.

Part III.  Places Represented by Single Character Codes

This part contains a list of all places represented by a single character code, along with the code.  The hierarchical arrangement of places and assignment of codes is based on these first level regions.

Appendix A.  Changes to the Code List

This part contains a list of code changes from the 2002 edition.

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