Cabo Verde  [lncv]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Cape Verde

Republic of Cabo Verde

Republic of Cape Verde

Caicos Islands

USE  Turks and Caicos Islands

Calf of Man (Isle of Man)

[Coded [e-uk-ui] (Great Britain Miscellaneous Island Dependencies) before April 2018]

Assigned code:

[e-im]  Isle of Man

California  [n-us-ca]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Cambodia  [a-cb]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Kampuchea

Khmer Republic

Cameroon  [f-cm]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Cameroons, French

Cameroons, Southern


French Cameroons

Southern Cameroons

Cameroons, French

USE  Cameroon

Cameroons, Southern

USE  Cameroon


USE  Cameroon

Canada  [n-cn]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Canada, Eastern

Assigned code:

[n-cn]  Canada

UF    Eastern Canada

Canada, Northern

Assigned code:

[n-cn]  Canada

UF    Northern Canada

Canada, Western

Assigned codes:

[n-cn-bc]  British Columbia

[n-cnp]     Prairie Provinces

UF    Western Canada

Canadian Northwest

USE  Northwest, Canadian

Canal Zone  [nccz]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Panama Canal Zone

Canary Islands  [lnca]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Canton and Enderbury Islands

[Coded [pocp] (Canton and Enderbury Islands) before Mar. 1988]

Assigned code:

[pokb]  Kiribati

UF    Enderbury and Canton Islands

Cape Verde

USE  Cabo Verde

Caribbean Area  [cc]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Caribbean Sea Region


Caribbean Island Dependencies of the United States

USE  United States Miscellaneous Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Netherlands

Assigned codes:

[nwbn]  Bonaire

[nwsd]  Saba

[nweu]  Sint Eustatius

Caribbean Sea  [cc]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Caribbean Sea Region

USE  Caribbean Area

Caroline Islands  [poci]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Carpathian Mountains

Assigned code:

[ee]  Europe, Eastern

Carpentaria, Gulf of (N.T. and Qld.)

[Coded [ps] (South Pacific Ocean) before June 1998]

Assigned codes:

[u-at-no]  Northern Territory

[u-at-qn]  Queensland

UF    Gulf of Carpentaria (N.T. and Qld.)

Caspian Sea  [ak]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Caucasus  [e-urk]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Caucasus, Northern (Russia)  [e-urr]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    North Caucasus (Russia)

Northern Caucasus (Russia)

Cayman Islands  [nwcj]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Celebes (Indonesia)

Assigned code:

[a-io]  Indonesia

UF    Sulawesi (Indonesia)

Central Africa

USE  Africa, Central

Central African Empire

USE  Central African Republic

Central African Republic  [f-cx]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Central African Empire

Ubangi Shari

Central America  [nc]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    America, Central

Middle America

Central Asia

USE  Asia, Central

Central Australia  [u-atc]  Authorities & Vocabularies

[Coded [u-at] (Australia) before September 2005]

UF    Australia, Central

Central Black Earth Region (Russia)

USE  Central Chernozem Region (Russia)

Central Black Soil Region (Russia)

USE  Central Chernozem Region (Russia)

Central Chernozem Region (Russia)  [e-urc]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Central Black Earth Region (Russia)

Central Black Soil Region (Russia)

Central Europe

USE  Europe, Central

Ceuta (Spain)

Assigned code:

[f-sh]  Spanish North Africa


USE  Sri Lanka

Ch´ung-ch´ing shih (China)

USE  Chongqing (China)

Chad  [f-cd]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Chad, Lake

Assigned code:

[fq]  Africa, French-speaking Equatorial

Chagos Islands

USE  British Indian Ocean Territory

Chang Chiang (China)

USE  Yangtze River (China)

Channel Islands

[Coded [e-uk-ui] (Great Britain Miscellaneous Island Dependencies) before April 2018]

Assigned codes:

[e-gg]  Guernsey

[e-je]  Jersey

Chekiang Province (China)

USE  Zhejiang Sheng (China)

Chesapeake Bay (Md. and Va.)

Assigned codes:

[n-us-md]  Maryland

[n-us-va]   Virginia

Chihli, Gulf of (China)

USE  Bo Hai (China)

Chile  [s-cl]  Authorities & Vocabularies

China  [a-cc]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Mainland China

People's Republic of China

Chishima-retto (Russia)

USE  Russia (Federation)

Chongqing (China)  [a-cc-cq]  Authorities & Vocabularies

[Coded [a-cc-sz] (Szechuan Province (China)) before Sept. 2000]

UF    Ch´ung-ch´ing shih (China)

Chungking (China)

Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)  [i-xa]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Christmas Island (Pacific Ocean)

USE  Kiritimati (Kiribati)

Chungking (China)

USE  Chongqing (China)

Chuuk (Micronesia)

Assigned code:

[pomi]  Micronesia (Federated States)

UF    Truk (Micronesia)


[Coded [cr] (Circumcaribbean) before Mar. 1988]

USE  Caribbean Area

Cocos (Keeling) Islands  [i-xb]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Keeling Islands

Cold regions  [q]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Collectivity of Saint Martin

USE  Saint-Martin

Colombia  [s-ck]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Colorado  [n-us-co]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)

Assigned codes:

[n-mx]  Mexico

[n-usp]  West (U.S.)

Colorado River Delta (Mexico)

Assigned code:

[n-mx]  Mexico

Commonwealth countries  [b]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    British Commonwealth countries

British Dominions

Commonwealth nations

Commonwealth nations

USE  Commonwealth countries

Commonwealth of Independent States countries

USE  Soviet Union

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

USE  Mariana Islands

Communauté française

USE  French Community

Communist countries

[Coded [v] (Communist countries) before June 1998]

Assigned codes:

[ee]    Europe, Eastern

[e-ur]  Soviet Union

Comoro Islands

USE  Comoros

Comoros  [i-cq]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Comoro Islands

Îles Comores

Confederate States of America

Assigned code:

[n-usu]  Southern States

Congo (Brazzaville)  [f-cf]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Brazzaville

French Congo

Middle Congo

Congo (Democratic Republic)  [f-cg]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Belgian Congo

Congo (Kinshasa)

Congo (Leopoldville)


Congo (Kingdom)

USE  Kongo Kingdom

Congo (Kinshasa)

USE  Congo (Democratic Republic)

Congo (Leopoldville)

USE  Congo (Democratic Republic)

Congo River  [fg]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Connecticut  [n-us-ct]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Cook Islands  [pocw]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Coral Sea Islands  [u-cs]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Corsica (France)

Assigned code:

[e-fr]  France

Costa Rica  [nccr]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Côte d´Ivoire  [f-iv]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Ivory Coast

Crete (Greece)

Assigned code:

[e-gr]  Greece

Croatia  [e-ci]  Authorities & Vocabularies

[Coded [e-yu] (Yugoslavia) before Oct. 1992]

UF    People's Republic of Croatia

Cuba  [nwcu]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Cumberland Mountains

Assigned code:

[n-usu]  Southern States

Curaçao  [nwco]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles)

Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles)

USE  Curaçao

Cyprus  [a-cy]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Czech Republic  [e-xr]  Authorities & Vocabularies

[Coded [e-cs] (Czechoslovakia) before May 1993]

UF    Czech Socialist Republic (Czechoslovakia)

Czech Socialist Republic (Czechoslovakia)

USE  Czech Republic

Czechoslovakia  [e-cs]  Authorities & Vocabularies

[Includes the Czech Republic and Slovakia treated collectively]

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