Earth  [x]  Authorities & Vocabularies


USE  Orient

East (Far East)

USE  East Asia

East (Near East)

USE  Middle East

East (U.S.)  [n-usr]  Authorities & Vocabularies

East Africa

USE  Africa, East

East Africa Protectorate

USE  Kenya

East Africa, Portuguese German East Africa

USE  Mozambique

East African Horn

USE  Africa, Northeast

East Asia  [ae]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Asia, East

East (Far East)

Far East

East Berlin

USE  Berlin (Germany)

East China Sea  [an]  Authorities & Vocabularies

East Germany

USE  Germany (East)

East Indies

Assigned codes:

[az]  South Asia

[as]  Southeast Asia

UF    Indies, East

East Pakistan (Pakistan)

USE  Bangladesh

East Siberian Region (Russia)

USE  Siberia, Eastern (Russia)

East Timor

USE  Timor-Leste

Easter Island  [poea]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Isla de Pascua

Pascua Island

Eastern Africa

USE  Africa, Eastern

Eastern Australia  [u-ate]  Authorities & Vocabularies

[Coded [u-at] (Australia) before September 2005]

UF    Australia, Eastern

Eastern Canada

USE  Canada, Eastern

Eastern Europe

USE  Europe, Eastern

Eastern Hemisphere  [xa]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Eastern Mediterranean

USE  Middle East

Eastern Samar (Philippines)

Assigned code:

[a-ph]  Philippines

Eastern Siberia (Russia)

USE  Siberia, Eastern (Russia)

Economically advanced countries

USE  Developed countries

Ecuador  [s-ec]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Egypt  [f-ua]  Authorities & Vocabularies


USE  Ireland

El Salvador  [nces]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Salvador

Ellice Islands

USE  Tuvalu

Emerging nations

USE  Developing countries

Enderbury and Canton Islands

USE  Canton and Enderbury Islands

England  [e-uk-en]  Authorities & Vocabularies

English Channel

Assigned code:

[ln]  North Atlantic Ocean


Assigned code:

[w]  Tropics

Equatorial Guinea  [f-eg]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Guinea, Equatorial

Guinea, Spanish

Río Muni

Spanish Guinea

Eritrea  [f-ea]  Authorities & Vocabularies

[Coded [f-et] (Ethiopia) before Nov. 1993]

Estonia  [e-er]  Authorities & Vocabularies

[Coded [e-ur-er] (Estonia) before June 1998]

Eswatini  [f-sq]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Swaziland

Ethiopia  [f-et]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Abyssinia

Eurasia  [me]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Asia and Europe (treated collectively)

Europe and Asia (treated collectively)

Europe  [e]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Europe and Asia (treated collectively)

USE  Eurasia

Europe, Central  [ec]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Central Europe

Europe, East Central

Europe, East Central

[Coded [et] (Europe, East Central) before Mar. 1988]

USE  Europe, Central

Europe, Eastern

Europe, Eastern  [ee]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Eastern Europe

Europe, East Central

Europe, Northern  [en]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Northern Europe

Europe, Southeastern

USE  Balkan Peninsula

Europe, Southern  [es]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Southern Europe

Europe, Western  [ew]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Western Europe

European Economic Community countries

Assigned code:

[e]  Europe

European Union countries

Assigned code:

[e]  Europe

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