Faeroe Islands

USE  Faroe Islands

Falkland Islands  [lsfk]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Malvinas Islands

Far East

USE  East Asia

Far East (Russia)

USE  Russian Far East (Russia)

Far Eastern Region (Russia)

USE  Russian Far East (Russia)

Far West (U.S.)

USE  West (U.S.)

Faroe Islands  [lnfa]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Faeroe Islands

Federal Capital Territory

USE  Australian Capital Territory

Federal German Republic

USE  Germany (West)

Federated States of Micronesia

USE  Micronesia (Federated States)

Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland

USE  Rhodesia and Nyasaland

Federation of South Arabia

Assigned code:

[a-ye]  Yemen (Republic)

UF    South Arabia, Federation of

Fernando Po (Equatorial Guinea)

Assigned code:

[f-eg]  Equatorial Guinea

UF    Bioco (Equatorial Guinea)

Bioko (Equatorial Guinea)

Macias Nguema (Equatorial Guinea)

Fiji  [pofj]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Finland  [e-fi]  Authorities & Vocabularies

First World

USE  Developed countries

Florida  [n-us-fl]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Former Netherlands Antilles

USE  Netherlands Antilles

Former Soviet republics

USE  Soviet Union

Former Yugoslav republics

USE  Yugoslavia


USE  Taiwan

France  [e-fr]  Authorities & Vocabularies

French Cameroons

USE  Cameroon

French Community  [h]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Communauté française

French Union

French Congo

USE  Congo (Brazzaville)

French Equatorial Africa

USE  Africa, French-speaking Equatorial

French Guiana  [s-fg]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Guiana, French

French Guinea

USE  Guinea

French India

Assigned code:

[a-ii]  India

UF    India, French

French Indochina

USE  Indochina

French Morocco

USE  Morocco

French Polynesia  [pofp]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Oceania, French

Polynesia, French

French Somaliland

USE  Djibouti

French Southern and Antarctic Lands

USE  Terres australes et antarctiques françaises

French Southern Indian Ocean Islands

USE  Terres australes et antarctiques françaises

French Sudan

USE  Mali

French Territory of the Afars and Issas

USE  Djibouti

French Togoland

USE  Togo

French Union

USE  French Community

French West Africa

USE  Africa, French-speaking West

French West Indies

USE  West Indies, French

French-speaking Equatorial Africa

USE  Africa, French-speaking Equatorial

French-speaking West Africa

USE  Africa, French-speaking West

Friendly Islands

USE  Tonga

Froides, Îles

USE  Prince Edward Islands

Frostbelt (U.S.)

USE  Snowbelt States

Fujian Sheng (China)  [a-cc-fu]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Fukien Province (China)

Fukien Province (China)

USE  Fujian Sheng (China)

Fundy, Bay of

Assigned code:

[ln]  North Atlantic Ocean

UF    Bay of Fundy

Futuna Islands (Wallis and Futuna Islands)

Assigned code:

[powf]  Wallis and Futuna Islands

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