Gabon  [f-go]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Galapagos Islands  [pogg]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Gambia  [f-gm]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Gambier Islands (French Polynesia)

Assigned code:

[pofp]  French Polynesia

Gansu Sheng (China)  [a-cc-ka]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Kansu Province (China)

Gaza Strip  [awgz]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Georges Bank

Assigned code:

[ln]  North Atlantic Ocean

Georgia  [n-us-ga]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Georgia (Republic)  [a-gs]  Authorities & Vocabularies

[Coded [e-ur-gs] (Georgia (Republic)) before June 1998]

UF    Georgia (Soviet Union)

Georgian S.S.R.

Georgia (Soviet Union)

USE  Georgia (Republic)

Georgian S.S.R.

USE  Georgia (Republic)

German Democratic Republic

USE  Germany (East)

German East Africa

USE  Burundi

German Federal Republic

USE  Germany (West)

Germany  [e-gx]  Authorities & Vocabularies

[For Germany as a whole regardless of time period; includes Germany (East) and Germany (West) as a whole between 1949 and 1990]

Germany (East)  [e-ge]  Authorities & Vocabularies

[For the eastern part of Germany before 1949 or after 1990 and for the German Democratic Republic between 1949-1990]

UF    Democratic German Republic

East Germany

German Democratic Republic

Germany, Eastern

Germany (West)  [e-gw]  Authorities & Vocabularies

[For the western part of Germany before 1949 or after 1990 and for the Federal Republic of Germany between 1949-1990]

UF    Federal German Republic

German Federal Republic

Germany, Western

West Germany

Germany, Eastern

USE  Germany (East)

Germany, Northern

Assigned code:

[e-gx]  Germany

UF    Northern Germany

Germany, Southern

Assigned code:

[e-gx]  Germany

UF    Southern Germany

Germany, Western

USE  Germany (West)

Ghana  [f-gh]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Ashanti

Gold Coast

Ghana Empire

Assigned code:

[fw]  Africa, West

Gibraltar  [e-gi]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Gibraltar, Strait of

Assigned codes:

[e-gi]  Gibraltar

[mm]  Mediterranean Sea

UF    Strait of Gibraltar

Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony

[Coded [pogn] (Gilbert and Ellice Islands) before Mar. 1988]

Assigned codes:

[pokb]  Kiribati

[potv]  Tuvalu

Gilbert Islands

USE  Kiribati

Gold Coast

USE  Ghana

Great Barrier Reef (Qld.)

Assigned code:

[u-at-qn]  Queensland

Great Basin

Assigned code:

[n-usp]  West (U.S.)

Great Britain  [e-uk]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    United Kingdom

Great Britain Miscellaneous Island Dependencies

[Coded [e-uk-ui] (Great Britain Miscellaneous Island Dependencies) before April 2018]

See codes:

[e-gg]  Guernsey

[e-im]  Isle of Man

[e-je]  Jersey

UF    Island Dependencies of Great Britain

United Kingdom Miscellaneous Island Dependencies

Great Lakes (North America)  [nl]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Great Lakes States

USE  Lake States

Great Plains  [np]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Great Rift Valley  [fr]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Rift Valley

Greater Antilles

[Coded [nwga] (Greater Antilles) before Mar. 1988]

USE  West Indies

Greece  [e-gr]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Greenland  [n-gl]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Grenada  [nwgd]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Grenadines (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada)

[Coded [nwgs] (Grenadines) before Mar. 1988]

Assigned codes:

[nwgd]  Grenada

[nwxm]  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands)

Assigned code:

[pobp]  Solomon Islands

Guadeloupe  [nwgp]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Guam  [pogu]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Guangdong Sheng (China)  [a-cc-kn]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Kwangtung Province (China)

Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu (China)  [a-cc-kc]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Kuang-hsi Chuang tsu tzu chih ch´ü (China)

Kwangsi Chuang Autonomous Region

Guatemala  [ncgt]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Guernsey  [e-gg]  Authorities & Vocabularies

[Coded [e-uk-ui] (Great Britain Miscellaneous Island Dependencies) before April 2018]

UF    Alderney (Channel Islands)

Channel Islands

Guernsey (Channel Islands)

Guernsey (Channel Islands)

USE  Guernsey

Guiana, British

USE  Guyana

Guiana, Dutch

USE  Suriname

Guiana, French

USE  French Guiana

Guinea  [f-gv]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    French Guinea

Guinea, French


Republique de Guinée

Guinea, Equatorial

USE  Equatorial Guinea

Guinea, French

USE  Guinea

Guinea, Gulf of

Assigned code:

[ls]  South Atlantic Ocean

UF    Gulf of Guinea

Guinea, Portuguese

USE  Guinea-Bissau

Guinea, Spanish

USE  Equatorial Guinea

Guinea-Bissau  [f-pg]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Guinea, Portuguese

Portuguese Guinea


USE  Guinea

Guizhou Sheng (China)  [a-cc-kw]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Kweichow Province (China)

Gulf of Aden

USE  Aden, Gulf of

Gulf of Alaska (Alaska)

USE  Alaska, Gulf of (Alaska)

Gulf of Aqaba

USE  Aqaba, Gulf of

Gulf of Carpentaria (N.T. and Qld.)

USE  Carpentaria, Gulf of (N.T. and Qld.)

Gulf of Guinea

USE  Guinea, Gulf of

Gulf of Mexico

USE  Mexico, Gulf of

Gulf of Oman

USE  Oman, Gulf of

Gulf of Thailand

USE  Thailand, Gulf of

Gulf States

Assigned code:

[n-usu]  Southern States

Guyana  [s-gy]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    British Guiana

Guiana, British

See also:

Geographic Area Name Sequence