Pacific and Mountain States

USE  West (U.S.)

Pacific Area

Assigned code:

[p]  Pacific Ocean

Pacific Coast (North America)

Assigned code:

[n]  North America

Pacific Island Dependencies of the United States

USE  United States Miscellaneous Pacific Islands

Pacific Islands (Ter.)

USE  Pacific Islands (Trust Territory)

Pacific Islands (Trust Territory)

Assigned code:

[poup]  United States Miscellaneous Pacific Islands

UF    Pacific Islands (Ter.)

Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands

Pacific Northwest

USE  Northwest, Pacific

Pacific Ocean  [p]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Pacific Ocean, North

USE  North Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean, South

USE  South Pacific Ocean

Pacific States

Assigned codes:

[n-us-ca]   California

[n-us-or]    Oregon

[n-us-wa]  Washington (State)

Pakistan  [a-pk]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    West Pakistan

Palau  [popl]  Authorities & Vocabularies

[Coded [poci] (Caroline Islands) before Mar. 1988]

UF    Belau


Republic of Palau


Assigned codes:

[a-is]     Israel

[awgz]  Gaza Strip

[awba]  West Bank

Panama  [ncpn]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Panama Canal Zone

USE  Canal Zone

Panay Island (Philippines)

Assigned code:

[a-ph]  Philippines


Assigned codes:

[e-au]  Austria

[e-hu]  Hungary

[e-yu]  Yugoslavia


Assigned code:

[a-pp]  Papua New Guinea

Papua (Indonesia)

Assigned code:

[a-io]  Indonesia

UF    Irian Barat (Indonesia)

Irian Jaya (Indonesia)

West Irian

West New Guinea

Papua New Guinea  [a-pp]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Paracel Islands  [aopf]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Hoàng Sa

Hsi-sha Islands

Xisha Islands

Paraguay  [s-py]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Pascua Island

USE  Easter Island

Peiping (China)

USE  Beijing (China)

Peking (China)

USE  Beijing (China)


USE  Palau

Pemba Island (Tanzania)

Assigned code:

[f-tz]  Tanzania

UF    Huthera (Tanzania)

Pennsylvania  [n-us-pa]  Authorities & Vocabularies

People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

USE  Algeria

People's Democratic Republic of Yemen

USE  Yemen (Republic)

People's Republic of Angola

USE  Angola

People's Republic of Benin

USE  Benin

People's Republic of Bulgaria

USE  Bulgaria

People's Republic of China

USE  China

People's Republic of Croatia

USE  Croatia

People's Republic of Mozambique

USE  Mozambique

People's Socialist Republic of Albania

USE  Albania


USE  Iran

Persian Gulf  [ap]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Persian Gulf States

Assigned code:

[ar]  Arabian Peninsula

Peru  [s-pe]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Pescadores Islands

Assigned code:

[a-ch]  Taiwan

Philippine Islands

USE  Philippines

Philippine Sea

Assigned code:

[pn]  North Pacific Ocean

Philippines  [a-ph]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Philippine Islands

Phoenix Islands (Kiribati)

Assigned code:

[pokb]  Kiribati


USE  Pyrenees

Pitcairn Island  [popc]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Plata, Rio de la (Argentina and Uruguay)

USE  Rio de la Plata (Argentina and Uruguay)

Plate River (Argentina and Uruguay)

USE  Rio de la Plata (Argentina and Uruguay)

Pleasant Island

USE  Nauru

Pluto (Planet)  [zpl]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Po Gulf (China)

USE  Bo Hai (China)

Po Hai (China)

USE  Bo Hai (China)

Pohnpei (Micronesia)

Assigned code:

[pomi]  Micronesia (Federated States)

UF    Ponape (Micronesia)

Poland  [e-pl]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Polar regions

Assigned codes:

[t]  Antarctica

[r]  Arctic regions

Polynesia  [pops]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Polynesia, French

USE  French Polynesia

Ponape (Micronesia)

USE  Pohnpei (Micronesia)

Portugal  [e-po]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Portuguese East Africa

USE  Mozambique

Portuguese Guinea

USE  Guinea-Bissau

Portuguese Timor

USE  Timor-Leste

Portuguese West Africa

USE  Angola

Prairie Provinces  [n-cnp]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Pratas Islands

Assigned code:

[a-ch]  Taiwan

Prince Edward Island  [n-cn-pi]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Prince Edward Islands

Assigned code:

[f-sa]  South Africa

UF    Froides, Îles

Îles Froides

Prussia (Germany)

Assigned code:

[e-gx]  Germany

Puerto Rico  [nwpr]  Authorities & Vocabularies

Pyrenees  [ep]  Authorities & Vocabularies

UF    Pirineos

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