The following documents the changes contained in the thirtieth update to the 1999 edition of MARC 21 Format for Authority Data.  Update No. 30 (May 2020) includes changes resulting from proposals that were considered by the MARC 21 community since the publication of Update No. 29 (November 2019).

New content designator:

Indicator value

883  Metadata Provenance - 1st indicator (Method of assignment):  value 2 (Not machine-generated)

Changes in content designator names:


883  Machine-generated Metadata Provenance renamed Metadata Provenance


883  Metadata Provenance - 1st indicator:  Method of machine assignment renamed Method of assignment

Subfield code

$a  Generation process renamed Creation process in 883 (Metadata Provenance)

$d  Generation date renamed Creation date in 883 (Metadata Provenance)

$q  Generation agency renamed Assigning or generating agency in 883 (Metadata Provenance)

See also:

Appendix F:  Format Change Lists