Appendix H contains the description of selected fields and subfields that were formerly valid in either the CAN/MARC or USMARC formats at the time they were combined, but not valid in the other.  They are considered local to either the American or Canadian user communities, depending on where they were valid.  They are described here for reference purposes.

Each American field description listed below includes instructions for conversion to current fields.

Specific field information:

261  Imprint Statement for Films (Pre-AACR 1 Revised)  (NR) - (USA only)

262  Imprint Statement for Sound Recordings (Pre-AACR 2)  (NR) - (USA only)

400  Series Statement/Added Entry - Personal Name  (R) - (USA only)

410  Series Statement/Added Entry - Corporate Name  (R) - (USA only)

411  Series Statement/Added Entry - Meeting Name  (R) - (USA only)

440  Series Statement/Added Entry - Title  (R)  [obsolete, 2008]

9XX  Equivalence and Cross-Reference Fields - (Canada only)

Specific subfield information:

260  Publication, Distribution, Etc. (Imprint)

$d  Plate or publisher's number for music (Pre-AACR 2)  (NR) - (USA only)

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