Visual materials:

The Visual Materials bibliographic format specification is used for the following:

Projected media (for example, motion pictures, videorecordings, slides, transparencies) identified by code g in Leader/06 (Type of record)

Non-projected media or two-dimensional graphics (for example, drawings, posters, prints) identified by code k in Leader/06

Kits (that is, a multi-media item containing a mixture of components from two or more categories of material) identified by code o in Leader/06

Three-dimensional artifacts or naturally occurring objects (for example, toys, sculpture, fossils) identified by code r in Leader/06

Material may be monographic or serial in nature.  The designator code VM is used in written MARC documentation for this material type.

The Visual Materials definition of field 006/01-17 and field 008/18-34 is used when the above condition exists.  See 006 and 008:  Visual Materials for codes and character position descriptions.

See also:

Leader/06  (Type of record)