Character position definition and scope:

The Multipart resource record level character position contains a one-character code that indicates the record level to which a resource pertains and any record dependencies.  This information will facilitate processing the record in different situations.  For example, the record may describe a set of items, or it may describe a part of a set.  The part may only have a dependent title to be used for identification purposes thus requiring use of additional information to understand its context.

Users typically do not have access to Leader/19; the entry is usually system generated.

Record requirements (National-level and Minimal-level) for Leader/19 for all types of material:  Mandatory.

Validity by material type:  Leader/19 and its codes in the table below are valid for all types.


Multipart resource record level description:


Not specified or not applicable




Part with independent title


Part with dependent title

Content designator history:

Leader/19  Linked record requirement  [redefined, 2007]

#Related record not required  [redefined, 2007]

aSet  [new, 2007]

bPart with independent title  [new, 2007]

cPart with dependent title  [new, 2007]

r - Related record required  [obsolete, 2007]

2Open entry for a collection  [obsolete, 1984]  [CAN/MARC only]

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