006:  The codes defined for character positions 006/01-17 are the same as those defined in the corresponding field 008 (Fixed-Length Data Elements).  In all cases, field 006 positions /01-17 relate to positions /18-34 in one of the field 008 configurations.  The relationship between field 006/00 (Form of material) codes and field 008 configurations is listed in 006/00: Form of material.

008:  Character positions 008/00-17 and /35-39 are defined the same for field 008 in the MARC 21 bibliographic format, regardless of record type.  The definition of field 008 character positions /18-34 varies according to the Type of record code in Leader/06 and Bibliographic level code in Leader/07.  Certain data elements are defined the same in more than one 008 field configuration.  When similar data elements are defined for inclusion in a field 008 for different record types/bibliographic level, they generally occupy the same field 008 character positions.

Notes:  Field 008 positions /18-34 for Mixed Materials (MX) were previously referred to as fixed-length data elements for Archival and Manuscripts Control (AM).

Prior to 2002, Continuing Resources (CR) were referred to as Serials (SE).

For the 006/01-17 and 008/18-34 cross reference table for character positions by type of material, select from the following:

Books (BK)

Computer Files (CF)

Maps (MP)

Music (MU)

Continuing Resources (CR)

Mixed Materials (MX)

Visual Materials (VM)

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