Field definition and scope:

Field 006 contains 18 character positions (00-17) that provide for coding information about special aspects of the item being cataloged that cannot be coded in field 008 (Fixed-Length Data Elements).  It is used in cases when an item has multiple characteristics (e.g., printed material with an accompanying cassette or a map that is issued serially).  It is also used to record the coded computer file aspects of electronic items coded in Leader/06 as something other than code m.

The field has a generic tree structure, whereby the code given in 006/00 (Form of material) determines the data elements defined for subsequent character positions.  Except for code s (Serial/Integrating resource), the codes in field 006/00 correspond to those in Leader/06 (Type of record).  For each occurrence of field 006, the codes defined for character positions /01-17 will be the same as those defined in the corresponding field 008 (Fixed-Length Data Elements), character positions /18-34.  The fixed-length data elements defined for field 006, like the corresponding field 008 data elements, are potentially useful for retrieval and data management purposes.

National-level and Minimal-level record requirements for field 006 for all types of material are Optional.

Field 006 is repeatable.

Guidelines for applying content designators:

Field 006 has no indicators or subfield codes.  The data elements are positionally defined by form of material.

Character position 00 contains a code that identifies a form of material.  The fill character ( | ) is not allowed in this position.  The fill character may be used in any other character position when the cataloging agency makes no attempt to code the position.

In all cases, field 006 positions /01-17 relate to positions /18-34 in one of the field 008 configurations.  The relationship between field 006/00 (Form of material) codes and field 008 configurations is listed in 006/00 (Form of material).

For information on field 006 character positions, select a topic:

006/00:  Form of material

006/01-17:  Character Positions by Type of Material

006 and 008:  Comparison Listing by Character Position

006 and 008:  Cross Reference Tables by Type of Material

Input conventions:

Capitalization - Alphabetic codes are input in lowercase.

Content designator history:

006  Fixed-Length Data Elements - Additional Material Characteristics  [new, 1995]

In 2002, the Computer Files 006 field was renamed "Computer Files/Electronic Resources."  The Serials 006 field was renamed "Continuing Resources."

006/00  Form of material

m - Computer file  [renamed, 2002]

s  - Serial  [renamed, 2002]

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008  Fixed-Length Data Elements

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