Microform:  Microform is a generic term for any medium, transparent or opaque, bearing microimages.  A microimage is a unit (e.g., a page) of textual, graphic, or computer-generated material that is contained on aperture cards, microfiche, microfilm, micro-opaques, or other microformats and that is too small to be read without magnification.

Microforms may be reproductions of existing textual or graphic materials or they may be original publications.  Any of the seven bibliographic formats except for Computer Files may be reproduced in microform.

Field 007 has no indicators or subfield codes; the data elements are positionally defined.  Field 007 for the category of material microform currently has thirteen character positions defined for it.

Validity by material type:  All character positions in 007 for microform records are valid for all types.

Record requirements in National-level or Minimal-level records for 007 microform:  Mandatory if applicable.  Requirements for the character positions vary.  See the specific character position description.

Character positions in 007 for microform:

007/00:  Category of material

007/01:  Specific material designation

007/02:  Undefined

007/03:  Positive/negative aspect

007/04:  Dimensions

007/05:  Reduction ratio range

007/06-08:  Reduction ratio

007/09:  Color

007/10:  Emulsion on film

007/11:  Generation

007/12:  Base of film

See:  Examples of 007 field for a microform.

See also:

007  Physical Description Fixed Field