Character position definition and scope:

The Date 2 character positions contain a date specified by the code in 008/06 (Type of date/Publication status).  The determination of dates for 008/11-14 is made concurrently with the choice of code for 008/06.  See 008/06 code definitions for examples.  Also see 008/06 for the legal characters to enter in Date 2.  Four fill characters ( |||| ) are used when no attempt has been made to code these character positions.

Record requirements for position 008/11-14 for all types of material:  for National-level records - Mandatory; for Minimal-level records - Optional.

Validity by material type:  Valid for all types.

Guidelines for applying content designators:

Valid character:


0 - 9

four digits




Not applicable

The table below gives a summary of the date entered in 008/11-14 based on the Type of date code entered in 008/06.  For a detailed description of the 008/06-14 entries and for examples on entering the 008/11-14 character positions, click on the specific code description in the 008/06 Type of Date and Code column.

Type of Date and Code:

Date 2 / Ending date of publication:

No date; B.C. date:


b  No dates given; B. C. date involved

Contain # (blanks); use ####.

|   No attempt to code

Contain | (fill characters); use ||||.



Single date:


e  Detailed date

Contain the month and day formatted mmdd.

s  Single known date/probable date

Contain # (blanks); use ####.



Multiple dates:


i   Inclusive dates of collection

Contain the ending inclusive date applicable to a collection.

k  Range of years of bulk of collection

Contain the ending year in the range of years covered by most of the material in the collection.

m  Multiple dates

Contain the terminal (or ending) date of the range of years of publication.

p  Date of distribution/release/issue and production/recording session when different

Contain the date of production/recording session.

r  Reprint/reissue date and original date

Contain the date of the original, if known. If multiple dates are available for the original publication, 008/11-14 contain the earlier date.

t  Publication date and copyright date

Contain the copyright date.  Deposit dates are treated as copyright dates.



Unknown dates:


n  Dates unknown

Unknown; use uuuu.

q  Questionable date

Exact date is not known but a range of years for the date can be specified.  Contain the latest possible date.



Continuing resource publication status:


c  Continuing resource currently published

Contain the characters 9999.

d  Continuing resource ceased publication (Dead status)

Contain the date the item ceased to be published.

u  Continuing resource status unknown

Contain the characters uuuu since no ending date is known.

Content designator history:

Prior to 1995, zeros or blanks were used for unknown portions of Date 1 and Date 2 for some forms of material.

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