Definitions of terms used in the linking entry fields are:

Target item:  A bibliographic item that is the principal or primary unit covered by the description for which the record was constructed.  The target item is the item to which the data in character positions 06 (Type of record) and 07 (Bibliographic level) of the Leader, and field 245 (Title Statement) apply.

Related item:  A bibliographic item that has either a chronological, horizontal (different versions), or vertical (hierarchical) relationship with a target item, and for which the linking entry field is formulated.

Component part:  A bibliographic item that is physically part of another bibliographic item such that the retrieval of the part is dependent on the physical identification and location of the host item (e.g., a chapter in a book, an article in a journal).

Constituent Unit:  A bibliographic item that is part of another item.  The constituent unit is physically separate from the item of which it is considered a part.

Host item:  A bibliographic item that either physically contains (as in the case of the component part), or bibliographically includes, (as in the case of a constituent unit), the subpart that is the target item for the record.  For example, if a record describes a journal article, the host is the journal; if a record describes one digital item in a set, the host is the set.

Chronological relationship:  The relationship in time between bibliographic items (e.g., the relation of a serial to its predecessors and successors).

Horizontal relationship:  The relationship between versions of a bibliographic item in different languages, formats, media, etc.

Vertical relationship:  The hierarchical relationship of the whole to its parts and the parts to the whole (e.g., a journal article to the journal in which it is published; the collective title of conference proceedings and the individual titles of contributions it brings together; a subseries and the main series to which it is related).

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