The following input conventions for the 76X-79X fields are discussed below:

Establishing a link


Order of subfields


Initial articles

Display constants

Establishing a link:

Links are generally established reciprocally in related bibliographic records.  A linking entry field links to a related item which may be represented in a file by a record.  When related records exist, each record may contain a corresponding linking entry.  In some cases the reciprocal linking entries use the same field tags, in others they have corresponding field tags.  The reciprocal field tags are as shown below:


Related record

760  (Main Series Entry)

762  (Subseries Entry)

765  (Original Language Entry)

767  (Translation Entry)

770 (Supplement/Special Issue Entry)

772  (Supplement Parent Entry)

773  (Host Item Entry)

774  (Constituent Unit Entry)

775  (Other Edition)

775  (Other Edition)

776  (Additional Physical Form)

776  (Additional Physical Form)

777  (Issued With Entry)

777  (Issued With Entry)

780  (Preceding Entry)

785  (Succeeding Entry)

787  (Other Relationship Entry)

787  (Other Relationship Entry)

The definitions of the second indicator values for reciprocal fields 780 and 785 are also reciprocal as shown below:

2nd indicator of 780

2nd indicator of 785

0 Continues

0 Continued by

1 Continues in part

1 Continued in part by

2 Supersedes

2 Superseded by

3 Supersedes in part

3 Superseded in part by

4 Formed by union of ... and ...

7 Merged with ... to form ...

5 Absorbed

4 Absorbed by

6 Absorbed in part

5 Absorbed in part by

7 Separated from

6 Split into ... and ...

-- ------

8 Changed back to ...


Subfield $a ends with the punctuation contained in the 1XX field of the related record.  The linking entry fields do not end in a mark of punctuation unless an abbreviation, initial/letter, or other data that ends with a period is present, or subfield $a is the last subfield.


780  00  $tJournal of the Australian Mathematical Society. Series A, Pure mathematics

780  00  $aAssociation of American Library Schools.$tDirectory of American Library Schools$w(DLC)sc#84007016#

Order of subfields:

The control subfields should be given in the following order, when more than one is present:

subfield $6, then subfield $3, and subfield $7 recorded last


If subfield $a contains a corporate or meeting name, each subordinate unit is preceded by two spaces following the mark of punctuation.


780  00  $aLibrary of Congress. Division for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.$tNews

When a title in subfield $t consists of a main title and section title with or without a numerical designation, two spaces are given between the main title and the numerical designation or section title.


785  00  $tJournal of polymer science. Part A, General papers

Initial articles:

Initial articles in the entry of the related record are omitted in linking entry fields except in entries where the intent is to file on the initial article.


Related record:

245  04  $aThe Journal of microbiology.

Linking entry:

780  00  $tJournal of microbiology

Related record:

110  1#  $aEl Salvador.$bDirección General de Estadística.

245  10  $aResúmen estadístico de la República de El Salvador.

Linking entry:

780  01  $aEl Salvador. Dirección General de Estadística.$tResúmen estadístico de la República de El Salvador

Display constants:

The display constants that may be used when generating notes from the linking entry fields are described in the specific field descriptions.

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