Punctuation in X11 Fields:  (X11 Meeting Names - General Information - Input Conventions)

The punctuation of the subelements of a heading is generally dictated by descriptive cataloging or subject heading system/thesaurus rules.  These input conventions clarify MARC punctuation practices.

Fields 111, 611, 711, and 811 end with a mark of punctuation or a closing parenthesis.  If the final subfields are subfield $2, $3, $4, or $5, the mark of punctuation or closing parenthesis precedes those subfields.


711  2#  $aConvegno Santa Caterina in Finalborgo$n(1980 :$cCivico museo del Finale)

111  2#  $aSymposium on the Underground Disposal of Radioactive Wastes$d(1979 :$cOtaniemi, Finland)$4fnd

Field 411 does not end with a mark of punctuation, unless the last word is an abbreviation, initial/letter, or data that ends with a mark of punctuation.

The name portion of a name/subordinate body or name/title heading ends with a mark of punctuation.  The mark of punctuation is placed inside a closing quotation mark.


711  2#  $aInternational Congress of the History of Art$n(24th :$d1979 :$cBologna, Italy).$tAtti del XXIV Congresso internazionale di storia dell'arte.

A name or title portion followed by a subject subdivision does not end with a mark of punctuation unless the name or title portion ends with an abbreviation, initial/letter, or open date.


611  20  $aVatican Council$n(2nd :$d1962-1965).$tActa synodalia Sacrosancti Concilii Oecumenici Vaticani II$vIndexes.

611  20  $aCouncil of Constantinople$n(1st :$d381)$xHistory.

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