The examples in this appendix reflect the application of MARC content designators in holdings records.  In most cases the data is taken from Appendix A: Examples of Possible Display Formats for Serial Holdings Statements of Serial Holdings Statements (ANSI Z39.44-1986) or Appendix B: Examples of Holdings Statements for Non-Serial Items of the Holdings Statements for Bibliographic Items (ANSI/NISO Z39.71).

The example records include at least the minimum data elements required to generate the display format.  The display string, as specified by the standard (Z39.44 or Z39.71), is given first followed by the record as it would appear in a MARC holdings report.  No linking fields (tags 004, 010-030) are recorded, although links to the bibliographic record may be necessary.  Field 001 contains the phrase <control number> which indicates that the record is an example only.  The records lack a system-generated Directory, and the system-generated portions of the Leader (LDR) are represented by asterisks ( * ).  In all examples, Level 3 illustrates display Option B from the standard and Level 4 illustrates the preferred display for that level, Option A.

The examples illustrate the following conditions:

Serial with limited retention (separate record and embedded holdings cluster)

Serial with multiple copies

Serial not currently received

Serial with incomplete holdings

Serial with gaps

Serial with alternative numbering

Serial with indexes

Single-part item -- printed text

Multipart item divided between two locations

Multipart videocassette set

Serial with pattern changes and item information

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