Four sets of holdings data fields are defined for recording information about the items actually held by an organization:

Captions and Pattern  (fields 853-855)

Enumeration and Chronology  (fields 863-865)

Textual Holdings  (fields 866-868)

Item Information  (fields 876-878)

Within each set, separate fields are defined for three categories of material:

Basic Bibliographic Unit  (fields 853, 863, 866, 876)

Supplementary Material  (fields 854, 864, 867, 877)

Indexes  (fields 855, 865, 868, 878)

The indicators and subfields codes defined in the holdings data fields allow the manipulation of the data to generate holdings statement displays that conform to the ANSI/NISO Z39 holdings standards.  A general description of the four sets of holdings data fields and their relationships is given in the 853-878 Holdings Data - General Information section, followed by detailed descriptions of each set in the 853-855 Captions and Pattern, 863-865 Enumeration and Chronology, 866-868 Textual Holdings, and 876-878 Item Information general information sections.

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