In addition to the information in Organization of the MARC Format Documents, the following applies specifically to the Holdings Format.

The variable data fields are presented in the following groupings in order to bring together fields that serve related functions:

Numbers and Codes  (Fields 010-035)

Notes  (Fields 3XX. 5XX and 84X)

Location  (Fields 852 and 856)

Holdings Data  (853-878 General Information; 853-855 Captions and Pattern, General Information and individual fields; 863-865 Enumeration and Chronology, General Information and individual fields; 866-868 Textual Holdings, General Information and individual fields; 876-878 Item Information, General Information and individual fields)

Alternate Graphic Representation  (Field 880)

Appendices to this document provide information about several control subfields (Appendix A), full holdings record examples (Appendix B), multiscript record examples (Appendix C), a comparison of the MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data content designators and the data elements of Z39.71(Appendix D), a glossary (Appendix E), a listing of changes to the format since the last edition or update (Appendix F), and a list of organization code sources (Appendix G).

The 853-878 General Information section defines the four types of holdings data fields and describes their relationships and specific aspects they have in common.  The General Information section for each of the four types of holdings data fields (853-855 Captions and Pattern; 863-865 Enumeration and Chronology; 866-868 Textual Holdings; 876-878 Item Information) provide instructions for the content designators that are common to each type of field.  The description for each of the individual fields (853, 863, 866, etc.) refers back to both the 853-868 and the type-of-field general information sections.

In the examples, <location identifier> may be used instead of the code of the organization holding the item or from which it is available.  No item identifier (fields 004, 010-030) is shown in the examples although in separate holdings records such a link may be necessary to identify the related bibliographic title.  No item identifier field is needed in embedded holdings statements.

The Input Conventions area provides general guidance for the application of the content designators and for such things as punctuation, spacing, and the use of the content designator in embedded holdings information.

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