853-855 Subfields $a-$h:  Enumeration captions

Subfields $a-$h contain the captions for the levels of enumeration applicable to a bibliographic item.  These caption subfields are correlated with the enumeration subfields $a-$h in the 863-865 Enumeration and Chronology field linked to the 853-855 field, although the same subfields need not always be present.  Full correlation of caption and enumeration level subfields $a-$h in linked 853-855/863-865 fields is not required when captions are not desired for displaying the holdings statement.  Full correlation is required when compression or expansion of the enumeration in field 863 or 864 by computer algorithm is desired.  If there is no caption on the item for some level, a caption may be invented and enclosed in brackets ( [ ] ) or an asterisk used in place of data in order to achieve full correlation.


853  03  $81$av.$b[no.]

863  40  $81.1$a1-7$b1-12

[Display example:  v.1:[no.]1-v.7:[no.]12]

When alternative numbering schemes are applicable to an item, subfields $g and $h contain the alternative Enumeration captions.  If captions for more than two levels of alternative enumeration are required, an 866-868 Textual Holdings field is used.

When only Chronology captions are used on an item (that is, the item carries no enumeration), the Chronology captions may be contained in either the relevant enumeration subfields ($a-$h) or chronology subfields ($i-$m), with the chronology subfields ($i-$m) preferred whenever possible.  If a Chronology caption is not to be used in a display of the 863-865 Enumeration and Chronology field, it is enclosed in parentheses, for example, (year).

When a supplement or index designation is used as a caption (which occurs if its numbering relates to a particular volume or part of the bibliographic unit, e.g., v. 9, suppl. 1-3) the designation is contained in the relevant Enumeration caption subfield ($a-$f).


854  00  $81$av.$bsuppl.$i(year)$j(month)$k(day)

864  41  $81.1$a16$b1$i1977$j06$k01

[Display example:  v.16:suppl.1 (1977: June 1)]

When the enumeration consists of the number of units held followed by a term describing the units, the entire phrase is contained in the appropriate 863-865 field, and the 853-855 field contains the term unit (in parentheses if display is not desired).


853  03  $81$a(unit)

863  #1  $81.1$a50 playing cards

For specific subfield information, select:

$a   First level of enumeration  (NR)

$b   Second level of enumeration  (NR)

$c   Third level of enumeration  (NR)

$d   Fourth level of enumeration  (NR)

$e   Fifth level of enumeration  (NR)

$f    Sixth level of enumeration  (NR)

$g   Alternative numbering scheme, first level of enumeration  (NR)

$h   Alternative numbering scheme, second level of enumeration  (NR)

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