Definition and scope:

The 00X variable control fields contain record control numbers and other kinds of control and coded information that are used in the processing of separate MARC holdings records.  Each control field is identified by a field tag in the Directory and contains either a single data element or a series of fixed-length data elements identified by a relative character position.

The fixed-length fields contain various kinds of information and have data elements that are positionally defined.  A more detailed explanation of positionally defined data elements is found in the sections describing specific fields.

Variable control fields contain neither indicator positions nor subfield codes.

The code NR or R below indicates whether a field can be repeated in a record.

For information on a specific variable control field, select a topic:

001  Control Number  (NR)

003  Control Number Identifier  (NR)

004  Control Number for Related Bibliographic Record  (NR)

005  Date and Time of Latest Transaction  (NR)

007  Physical Description Fixed Field  (NR)

008  Fixed-Length Data Elements  (NR)

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