The Library of Congress is the maintenance agency for this list and for both ANSI Z39.53 and ISO 639-2.  Questions and requests for information about this list should be sent to the Cataloging Policy and Support Office, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. 20540-4305.  ANSI Z39.53 and ISO 639-2 include only the list of codes and associated language or language group name (as in Part II. of this document).

Requests for new language codes are submitted to the ISO 639-2 maintenance agency (Library of Congress) and balloted by the ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee.  Once approved, they are added to both the ISO 639-2 and MARC lists.  Requests are sent to:  Notices describing additions/deletions of code values will be issued for all changes to the language codes made in the interim period between issuance of revised versions of this document.

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