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Language names are listed in alphabetical order.  Variant names of a language, an assigned code with its language group name, and a list of individual languages assigned a group code appear on successive lines.  The abbreviation UF stands for Used For.  The variations also are listed alphabetically in the name sequence.  These references do not give the code; the entry under the name referred to must be consulted to determine the code.  These entries jump directly to the information you need.  For more information, see Arrangement of the List.

The form of the name of a language used in this list normally corresponds to the form of the name appearing in Library of Congress Subject Headings, with the exception that names of individual languages in the list generally do not include the terms "language" or "dialect" and consist of only the substantive portion of the name.  For more information, see Names of Languages and Dialects.  For information on individual and group language names, see Individual Language Codes and Language Group Codes.

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