The form of name of a language used in this code list normally corresponds to the form of the name appearing in Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH), with the exception that names of individual languages in the list generally do not include the terms "language" or "dialect" and consist of only the substantive portion of the name.  For example:

English (name in code list)

English language (name in LCSH)

LCSH forms of names have not been used for the code list name if they make use of subdivisions; instead such headings are reformulated into phrase expressions for this list.  This most often occurs in connection with headings for local dialects:

Morvan French (name in code list)

French language--Dialects--France--Morvan (name in LCSH)

In addition, names of early forms of modern languages often appear in the code list in a form different from LCSH which frequently makes use of chronological subdivisions:

Swedish, Old (to 1550) (name in code list)

Swedish language--To 1550 (name in LCSH)

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