Honoree  [hnr]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A person, family, or organization honored by a work or item (e.g., the honoree of a festschrift, a person to whom a copy is presented).

UF    Honouree

Honouree of item


RDA Collections:  Collection, Work, Item, Other


USE  Honoree

Honouree of item

USE  Honoree

Host  [hst]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A performer contributing to a resource by leading a program (often broadcast) that includes other guests, performers, etc. (e.g., talk show host).

RDA Collections:  Collection, Expression, Contributor

Host institution  [his]  Authorities & Vocabularies

An organization hosting an event, exhibit, conference, etc., which gave rise to the resource, but having little or no responsibility for the content of the resource.

RDA Collections:  Collection, Work, Other

Host, Supporting

USE  Supporting host

House electrician

USE  Electrician

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