Manufacture place  [mfp]  Authorities & Vocabularies

The place of manufacture (e.g., printing, duplicating, casting, etc.) of a resource in a published form.

Manufacturer  [mfr]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A person or organization responsible for printing, duplicating, casting, etc. a resource.

RDA Collections:  Collection

Marbler  [mrb]  Authorities & Vocabularies

The entity responsible for marbling paper, cloth, leather, etc. used in construction of a resource.

Markup editor  [mrk]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A person or organization performing the coding of SGML, HTML, or XML markup of metadata, text, etc.

UF    Encoder

Master electrician

USE  Electrician

Medium  [med]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A person held to be a channel of communication between the earthly world and a world.

RDA Collections:  Collection, Work, Other


USE  Honoree

Metadata contact  [mdc]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A person or organization primarily responsible for compiling and maintaining the original description of a metadata set (e.g., geospatial metadata set).

Metal-engraver  [mte]  Authorities & Vocabularies

An engraver responsible for decorations, illustrations, letters, etc. cut on a metal surface for printing or decoration.

Minute taker  [mtk]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A person, family, or organization responsible for recording the minutes of a meeting.

RDA Collections:  Collection, Expression, Contributor

Moderator  [mod]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A performer contributing to a resource by leading a program (often broadcast) where topics are discussed, usually with participation of experts in fields related to the discussion.

RDA Collections:  Collection, Expression, Contributor

Monitor  [mon]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A person or organization that supervises compliance with the contract and is responsible for the report and controls its distribution.  Sometimes referred to as the grantee, or controlling agency.

Motion picture editor

USE  Film editor

Moving image work editor

USE  Editor of moving image work

Music copyist  [mcp]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A person who transcribes or copies musical notation.

Musical director  [msd]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A person who coordinates the activities of the composer, the sound editor, and sound mixers for a moving image production or for a musical or dramatic presentation or entertainment.

RDA Collections:  Collection, Expression, Contributor

Musician  [mus]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A person or organization who performs music or contributes to the musical content of a work when it is not possible or desirable to identify the function more precisely.

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