USE  Witness


USE  Witness

Onscreen presenter  [osp]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A performer contributing to an expression of a work by appearing on screen in nonfiction moving image materials or introductions to fiction moving image materials to provide contextual or background information.  Use when another term (e.g., narrator, host) is either not applicable or not desired.

RDA Collections:  Collection, Expression, Contributor

Opponent  [opn]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A person or organization responsible for opposing a thesis or dissertation.

Organizer  [orm]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A person, family, or organization organizing the exhibit, event, conference, etc., which gave rise to a resource.

UF    Organizer of meeting

RDA Collections:  Collection, Work, Other

Organizer of meeting

USE  Organizer

Originator  [org]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A person or organization performing the work, i.e., the name of a person or organization associated with the intellectual content of the work.  This category does not include the publisher or personal affiliation, or sponsor except where it is also the corporate author.

UF    Investigator

Principal investigator

Other  [oth]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A role that has no equivalent in the MARC list.

RDA Collections:  Collection, Other

Owner  [own]  Authorities & Vocabularies

A person, family, or organization that currently owns an item or collection, i.e., has legal possession of a resource.

UF    Current Owner

RDA Collections:  Collection, Item, Owner

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