BACKGROUND:  Materials may be assigned to reference locations throughout the Library.  Reference assignments may last for years, but eventually the items are no longer needed and are returned to their normal location or are discarded.  Specific instructions for holdings and item records for works with reference assignments are in ILS Supplement, Workflow #2.

1.  General rule

Record the temporary reference assignments for non-serial reference works in the holdings record.  If there is a conflicting directive for an assignment, resolve it by applying the following order of precedence:

(1)  Copies purchased by a reference division are sent to that division.

(2)  Designated by the reference collections acquisitions specialist.

(3)  Special request by a division or person.

(4)  Automatically assign works that have been purchased to the division named below the acquisition stamp on the verso of the title page.

2.  Deassignment

When books are deassigned from reference assignments, take care to indicate the proper collection in which the book will permanently reside.

3.  List of reference locations

A list of reference locations is available in the holdings record.  Place the cursor anywhere in the $b subfield, and press ctrl-l to display the list.

4.  Children's books

Assign books to ChLitRef only if slipped.

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