BACKGROUND:  Although the Decimal Classification Division assigns Dewey Decimal numbers to a large number of books each year, the Library of Congress does not shelve materials by these numbers.  The Decimal Classification Division is responsible for deciding the categories of materials to be classified by that division.  In previous years, these general instructions were supplemented or replaced by occasional letters from the Decimal Classification Division, showing needed changes based on staffing levels.  The most recent change in 2005 is shown below.  This instruction provides guidelines on the types of materials to be forwarded to the Decimal Classification Division.

1.  General rule

Forward only the following categories of materials to the Decimal Classification Division:

CIP galleys regardless of language.

CIP ver books and CIP change requests if the class number has been changed.

Monographs in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish with an imprint date of 1990 or later.

Recataloged items with an imprint date of 1990 or later and in the languages listed above, where there has been a change in subject headings or LC classification.

2.  Out of scope

The following categories are out of scope for the Decimal Classification Division:

All items with MLC, MLC+, and CLC classification in the 050 field.

All serials.

To return:

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