BACKGROUND:  After consulting the classification schedules for special instructions, the shelflisting technician examines the shelflist to determine the filing position of the work in hand according to the LC filing rules (see G 100) and the table below.  Unless there are provisions to the contrary in the particular schedule being applied, the works of an individual author in a single class number are arranged by category of publication using a series of successive Cutter numbers.

Preferred Shelflist Order - Individual Authors

When the works of an individual author are filed in a single class number, they are arranged in the following order.  (Examples are in the last column.):

Collected works

By date

.L54 1966


By date

.L5412-5419 1986

Selected works

By date

.L542 1986


By date

.L54212-54219 1986

Separate works

By title


Original works

Cutter and date

.L55 1952

Facsimile or photocopy of original work

Cutter and date with a

.L55 1952a
(.L55 1952aa, ab, etc.)

Edition or reprint

Cutter and date

.L55 1967

Facsimile or photocopy of edition

Cutter and date of edition with a

.L55 1967a
(.L55 1967aa, ab, etc.)


Cutter expanded by 12 - 19 and date

.L5513 1963
[English translation]

Selection, abridgement, or condensed version

Cutter expanded by 2 and date

.L552 1981
.S6L552 1981

Translation of selection, abridgement, or condensed version

Cutter expanded by 212 - 219 and date

.L55213 1982
[English translation]


By adapter, A-Z  [used only for works cataloged prior to AACR 2. Adaptations are now classed with works of adapter.]



Cutter expanded by 3 or 3 - 39 and date

.L553T5 1976
.S6L5537 1976

(See G 340 Section 3)

Biography and criticism

By author, A-Z

.L56B78 1986


Note:  The above table is applied only when it does not conflict with any provisions or instructions in the particular schedule.  It is possible that only a portion of the table will be used.

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