BACKGROUND:  Superseded materials are volumes or editions that have been revised, recompiled, or replaced by later dated volumes or editions.  This instruction provides guidance in the processing of superseded materials.

1.  How to identify

a.  Bibliographic record.  Check the bibliographic record for a note reading "Kept up to date by (revised, recompiled, or replacement) volumes."

b.  Physical piece.  If the volume has been returned from a reference collection, check it to see if an "S" has been drawn through the assignment label on the spine.  A card indicating that the volume has been superseded may also be inserted in the volume.

2.  Superseded volume(s) returned from the collections

a.  Compare the volume(s) with the bibliographic record.

b.  Verify superseded retention decision (either a note on a 3 x 5 card, a memo from the Law Library, or a note in the bibliographic record).  If there is no decision available, refer the item to the Law Library for a decision.  Record the decision in the bibliographic record in the b subfield of the 925 field.

c.  Verify that the volume has been superseded by a later volume or edition.  If this information is not available, refer the volume to the Law Library.

d.  Verify that the superseded retention decision has been fulfilled.

e.  Send the item to the shelf or discard according to the retention decision.

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