The Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO) is planning to produce a new edition of the current Subject Cataloging Manual: Shelflisting, combined into a single physical volume with the current Subject Cataloging Manual: Classification.  Some of the changes CPSO has made to Shelflisting in preparation for the combined volume are:

reorganizing the manual into two sections:  General and LC-Specific Information

renumbering and relocating many of the instruction sheets

splitting G 60 into 5 separate instruction sheets

deleting fourteen instruction sheets because of changes in internal LC procedures

updating most of the remaining instruction sheets

deleting the index, with a new one prepared for the new publication

This Help file includes the changes presented at:

Renumbered instruction sheets:

Former Number


New Number(s) or Location

G 10

Basic Classification Terminology


G 50

Basic Shelflisting Procedures

G 610

G 60

Call Numbers

G 53; G 55; G 58; G 63; G 65

G 160

Assignment / Location of Materials

G 620

G 161

Reference Assignment of Materials

G 630

G 170

Shelflist Information Card (SLIC)

G 670

G 180

Designations for Volume, Part, Etc.

G 615

G 740


G 145

G 850

Supplementary Works

G 155

Deleted instruction sheets:



G 500

Reclassification:  MARC

G 510

Reclassification:  PREMARC

G 600

Adapting and Filing Printed Cards

G 700

"2-A" Cataloging

G 710


G 720

Collection Level Cataloging

G 730

Duplicate Monographs

G 770

Library of Congress Publications

G 780

Looseleaf Publications

G 790

Monographs Issued in Fascicles

G 820


G 830

Series:  Analyzed Multipart Items

G 840

Series:  Monographic Series

G 860

"With" Entries

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