Serials are often related to other serials. The related work may cumulate, supplement, or index the main serial. Or it may be a special issue or a reprint of the serial. The primary question for these types of related works is whether to catalog them separately or whether to mention them in a note on the record for the main work.

Some serials are issued in multiple physical parts. For these, the decision is whether to create separate records for each part or whether to include all on one record.

This module defines types of related works, factors that need to be considered, and options for cataloging as presented in AACR2 and the LC rule interpretations. The focus is on most common situations; this module does not attempt to cover every possibility.

This module will discuss:

Types and characteristics of related works

Factors that are considered when deciding how to catalog

When to create separate records and when to note on the main record

Specific instructions relating to particular fields (e.g., added entries, notes, links, etc.)

17.1. Introduction

17.2. Cumulations

17.3. Serials issued in parts

17.4. Serial supplements

17.5. Indexes

17.6 Special issues

17.7. Reprints


See also:

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