Introduction, Discussion Points, References, and Definitions of Terms

2.1.  What is a serial?

2.1.1.  Definition and characteristics

2.1.2.  Types of resources covered by the definition

a.  Periodicals

b.  Annual reports and recurring reports of activities

c.  Directories, yearbooks, and other similar reference works

d.  Newsletters

e.  Statistical publications

f.  Newspapers

g.  Legal and official publications

h.  Monographic series

2.1.3.  Other resources treated as serials according to 12.0A1

a.  Publications of limited duration

b.  Reprints of serials

c.  Resources that lack numbering

2.1.4.  Successively-issued resources that exhibit seriality but are usually treated as monographs

a.  Publications revised on an irregular or infrequent basis

b.  Multipart items

c.  Supplements to monographs

2.2.  Special types of resources (LCRI 1.0)

2.2.1.  Conference publications

2.2.2.  Series

2.2.3.  Periodicals issued with distinctive titles

2.2.4.  Loose-leaf publications

2.3.  What to do when the appropriate treatment is unclear

2.3.1.  Search shared databases and online catalogs

2.3.2.  Look further at the piece

2.3.3.  Search publisher's Web sites, etc.

2.3.4.  When still in doubt

2.4.  When to change treatment

2.4.1.  Monograph to serial

2.4.2.  Serial to monograph

2.4.3.  Serial to integrating resource

2.4.4.  Integrating resource to serial


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