Module 31.  Introduction, Discussion Points, References, and Definitions of Terms

31.1.  Introduction

31.1.1.  What is a remote access electronic serial?

31.1.2.  Why catalog online serials with AACR2 and MARC 21?

31.1.3.  Electronic reproductions

31.1.4.  Multiple document formats and access methods

31.2.  Decisions to make before providing access to online serials

31.2.1.  What resource is being cataloged and how is it issued?

31.2.2.  Serial or integrating resource?

31.2.3.  Access to online versions

a.  CONSER single record option (non-cataloging approach:  giving access through the print/original record)

b.  Separate records:  the aggregator neutral record

31.2.4.  MARC 21 format and fixed field coding

31.3.  Basis of description and chief source of information

31.3.1.  Basis of description

31.3.2.  Determining the chief source of information

31.3.3.  Multiple providers of an online serial:  which version should be used for the description?

31.3.4.  Citing the source of title proper

31.4.  Main and added entries

31.4.1.  Main entry

31.4.2.  Added entries

31.5.  Uniform titles (created according to LCRI 25.5B)

31.6.  Title statement (field 245)

31.6.1.  Title proper

31.6.2.  General material designation (GMD)

31.6.3.  Statement of responsibility

31.7.  Variant titles and title added entries (fields 246, 730, 740)

31.8.  File characteristics (field 256)

31.9.  Numbering (fields 362 and 500)

31.10.  Edition statement (field 250)

31.11.  Publication, distribution, etc. area (field 260)

31.12.  Physical description (field 300)

31.13.  Series statement and series added entries (fields 4XX and 8XX)

31.14.  Notes

31.14.1.  Restrictions on access (field 506)

31.14.2.  Numbering peculiarities (field 515)

31.14.3.  Type of electronic resource or data (field 516)

31.14.4.  System requirements (field 538, System details)

31.14.5.  Mode of access (field 538)

31.14.6.  Information about documentation (field 556)

31.14.7.  Other physical medium (field 530)

31.15.  Electronic location and access (field 856)

31.15.1.  Description

a.  Multiple locations

b.  Multiple locations within a site

c.  Mirror sites

d.  File formats

31.15.2.  Uses of field 856 in CONSER records

31.15.3.  Construction and coding

31.15.4.  Volatility of access information

31.15.5.  PURLs in CONSER records

31.16.  Linking relationships

31.16.1.  Multiple linking relationships

31.17.  Subject headings and classification

31.18.  Changes that require the creation of new records

31.18.1.  Create successive entry records

31.18.2.  Successive records cannot be created

a.  Updating existing records

b.  Creating a new record

31.19.  ISSN for online serials

31.20.  Record examples

31.20.1.  Born digital e-serial (there is no print version)

31.20.2.  Aggregator-neutral record

31.20.3.  Single-record approach

31.20.4.  Online version preceded by an earlier title

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