Module 34.  Introduction, Discussion Points, References, and Definitions of Terms

34.1.  Issues involved in cataloging legal serials

34.1.1.  Monograph, integrating resource or serial treatment (LCRI 1.0)

34.1.2.  Loose-leaf publications

34.1.3.  Uniform titles

34.2.  Common types of legal serials

34.2.1.  Session laws

a.  Entry

b.  Uniform title laws, etc.

c.  Session laws of the states of the United States

c1.  Earliest entry

c2.  Uniform title

d.  Subject cataloging

34.2.2.  Codes, revised statutes, and compiles statutes

a.  Codes of states of the United States

a1.  Entry

a2.  Uniform title

a3.  Legislative services as component parts

a4.  Subject cataloging

b.  Subject collections of laws

b1.  Uniform title

b2.  Subject cataloging

34.2.3.  Administrative regulations and decisions

a.  Administrative regulations that are not laws (delegated legislation)

a1.  Entry

a2.  Collections of administrative regulations that are not laws

b.  Administrative regulations that are laws

c.  Administrative codes

d.  Subject cataloging

e.  Administrative decisions

e1.  Entry

e2.  Subject cataloging

f.  Executive orders

f1.  Entry

34.2.4.  Court rules

a.  Monograph treatment

b.  Serial treatment

b1.  Single court

b2.  More than one court within the same jurisdiction

b3.  Collections of more than one jurisdiction

c.  Subject cataloging

34.2.5.  Treaties

a.  Entry

b.  Uniform title for collections

c.  Subject cataloging

34.2.6.  Law reports

a.  Reports of one court

a1.  Entry

b.  Reports of more than one court

b1.  Entry

c.  Designations

d.  Subject cataloging

34.2.7.  Attorney General's opinions

a.  Entry

b.  Subject cataloging

34.2.8.  Legislative records and journals

a.  Entry

b.  Subject cataloging

34.2.9.  Official gazettes

a.  Entry

b.  Subject cataloging

34.3.  Secondary sources

34.3.1.  Digests

a.  Entry

b.  Subject cataloging

34.3.2.  Citators

a.  Shepard's citations

b.  Entry

c.  Subject cataloging

34.3.3.  Law reviews and journals

a.  General

a1.  Subject cataloging

b.  Law reviews on specific legal topics

b1.  Subject cataloging

34.3.4.  Bar association journals

a.  Entry

b.  Subject cataloging

34.3.5.  Legal newspapers, directories, magazines

34.4.  Non-print formats

34.4.1.  Electronic resources

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