Online Help Desk: Preparing For and Using ITS.MARC

First Time User's Step-by-Step

Step 1 Evaluating ITS.MARC: Is it for you?
Step 2 Subscribing: Get your ID and Password
Step 3 Z39.50 or WWW: which is best for you?
Step 4 Downloading BiblioFile
Step 5 Configuring your browser
Step 6 Getting Started: Using ITS.MARC


Spinning Star Recognize elements of the Search Window
Spinning Star View the General Search Process
Spinning Star Perform Author Searches
Spinning Star Limit Searches by Publication Date, Language and Format
Spinning Star Perform Title Searches
Spinning Star Conduct Boolean Searches
Spinning Star Use Right Hand Truncation in Searches
Spinning Star Conduct Combination Searches
Spinning Star Browse the Catalog
Spinning Star Change the Record Display
Spinning Star Download and print MARC Records