Primary Value Lists:

MARC Code List for Countries

MARC Code List for Languages

MARC Code List for Geographic Areas

MARC Code List for Organizations

MARC Code List for Relators


Other Value Lists:

Electronic Access Methods Code List

Library of Congress Demographic Group Term and Code List

MARC Authentication Action Code List

MARC Form Category Term List

MARC Form of Item Term List

MARC Form of Musical Composition Code List

MARC Frequency of Issue Term List

MARC Genre Term List

MARC Instruments and Voices Code List

MARC Target Audience Term List

Preservation & Digitization Actions:  Terminology for MARC 21 Field 583

Specific Material Form Term List

Standard Terminology for the MARC 21 Actions Note Field

Term and Code List for RDA Carrier Types

Term and Code List for RDA Content Types

Term and Code List for RDA Media Types


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Source:  The information contained in this section of the Cataloger's Reference Shelf is based on Value Lists for Codes and Controlled Vocabularies prepared by the Network Development and MARC Standards Office; Cataloging Distribution Service, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.  It includes updates through June 22, 2022, based on MARC Standards web site ( and MARC Technical Notices.  See the disclaimer.