Record a projection characteristic of a film or video when this information is considered important to the archive.

300 ## $a 10 film reels of 10 on 5 (106 min., 9,520 ft.) : $b anamorphic, sd., col. ; $c 35 mm. $3 answer print.

300 ## $a 1 videocassette of 1 (VHS) (96 min.) : $b letterbox, sd., col. ; $c 1/2 in. $3 viewing copy.

Use the terms listed.



nonanamorphic wide-screen



Additional information about projection characteristics (e.g., aspect ratio) may be given in a note.  See 7B16.

Optionally, more detailed information about projection characteristics, including brand name processes, may be recorded in the line of physical description.  If more than one term applies, terms should be separated with a comma, space.

300 ## $a 11 film reels of 11 on 6 (ca. 105 min., 9,450 ft.) : $b nonanamorphic wide-screen, 1.66:1, sd., col. ; $c 35 mm. $3 viewing print.

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