5A.  Preliminary rule

5A1.  Punctuation

5A2.  Sources of information

5B.  Extent of work and specific material designation

5B1.  Number of units in hand

5B2.  Specific material designation

5B3.  Number of units in a complete work

5B4.  Incomplete works

5B5.  Original length in units uncertain or unknown

5B6.  Works never intended to be distributed

5B7.  Video format or other video technical specifications

5B8.  Running time and/or length

5C.  Other physical details

5C1.  Order of physical details

5C2.  Projection characteristics

5C3.  Sound characteristics

5C4.  Color characteristics

5C5.  Film projection speed

5C6.  Video playing speed

5D  Dimensions

5E.  Film base

5F.  Generation

5G.  Copy number

5H.  Order of multiple lines of physical description

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