Indicate whether the work is sound using the abbreviation "sd." or silent using the abbreviation "si."

300 ## $a 3 film reels of 3 (ca. 32 min., 2,870 ft.) : $b si., b&w ; $c 35 mm. $3 answer print.

300 ## $a 1 videocassette of 1 (D2) (ca. 60 min.) : $b sd., col. ; $c 19 mm. $3 master.

If a film has a separate sound track, describe the track as sound and omit the color characteristic for that line of physical description.

300 ## $a 2 film reels of 2 (ca. 20 min., 1,762 ft.) : $b sd. ; $c 35 mm. $3 neg track.

For double edge sound track, count the track on each edge as a reel in terms of extent of material and number of reels in a complete work.  Follow this by stating the total number of physical reels in hand.

300 ## $a 8 film reels of 8 on 4 (ca. 85 min., 7,634 ft.) : $b sd. ; $c 35 mm. $3 double edge neg track.

If a work originally had sound, but the copy in hand lacks sound, describe the copy as silent and give a note to that effect.  See 7B17.

300 ## $a 3 film reels of 3 (ca. 34 min., 3,096 ft.) : $b si., b&w ; $c 35 mm. $3 viewing print.

500 ## $a Sound track lacking. $5 DLC (Use institution’s local code.)

Optionally, begin the note with the word "Incomplete" followed by a colon.

Optionally, the term "mute" may be added before the generation term to indicate that the sound track is lacking.

If a film or video has a separate sound element that is not in a moving image format, formulate the physical description for that sound element according to AACR2 6.5.

300 ## $a 1 sound disc (28 min.) : $b analog, 33 1/3 rpm, mono. ; $c 12 in.

300 ## $a 2 sound discs (ca. 85 min.) : $b digital, stereo. ; $c 4 3/4 in.

Include further information about sound characteristics or processes, including brand name processes, in a note.  See 7B17.

500 ## $a Magnetic track is full coat.

Optionally, more detailed information about sound characteristics or processes may be recorded in the line of physical description.  If more than one term applies, terms should be separated with a comma, space.  For placement of these terms, see AACR2 6.5C.

300 ## $a 10 film reels of 10 on 5 (100 min., ca. 9,000 ft.) : $b opt sd., stereo., Dolby, col. ; $c 35 mm. $3 viewing print.

The following terms may be used, if applying the option.  Additional terms may also be needed.











opt sd.

mag sd.

mag opt sd.







Dolby SR

Dolby SR-D



See also:

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