Give other title information if it is necessary for identification of the series.  Separate the series title from other title information by the space, colon, space punctuation.  Do not capitalize the word following the colon unless it is a proper noun.

245 00 $a Training a teacher / $c International Video Training Productions.

490 1# $a Effective one-on-one training : the key to success

830 #0 $a Effective one-on-one training.

If information in the title appears to be other title information but is judged to be part of the series title proper, record it as such regardless of punctuation.  Separate the information from the first part of the title with either a comma, space or with a dash.

245 00 $a Bip hunts butterflies / $c [by] Marcel Marceau.

440 #0 $a Art of silence, pantomimes with Marcel Marceau

245 00 $a Housing alternatives / $c Chrome Yellow Film, Inc. ; [sponsor], Butterick Publishing.

440 #0 $a Concepts in focus--housing & home furnishings

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